Beacon Power. Continuously working
to improve grid performance.

Flywheel energy storage solutions that help you
balance the grid in real-time, all the time.


Providing continuous and reliable
flywheel energy storage.

6 years and over 7 million operating
hours ahead of the competition.


When the grid is in your hands,
you need power at your fingertips.

We give you the power to react instantly and inject or
absorb power to balance the grid.


Flywheel technology that gives you
the power to be flexible.

Modular architecture that allows you to choose
the power configuration that’s right for you.

Grid Balancing


Beacon flywheel systems have faster ramp rates than traditional generation and correct frequency imbalances sooner with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Renewable Integration


Beacon flywheel storage provides reliable and cost-effective solutions to intermittency issues associated with renewable power.

Islands & Isolated Grids


Beacon flywheel storage increases the amount of wind and solar power that can be integrated and utilized, thereby reducing system fuel consumption.