Our predecessor company, Beacon Power Corporation, was founded in 1997 as a spin-off of SatCon’s Energy Systems Division to develop advanced flywheel-based energy storage technology. Beacon’s first flywheel systems, the first and second generations of our flywheel technology, were deployed in North America for telecommunications backup power applications.

Beginning in 2004, the focus of our flywheel R&D shifted to the development of a system that could “recycle” electricity on a real-time basis from the electricity grid, absorbing it when demand dropped and injecting it when demand increased. The technology was successfully demonstrated from 2005—2007 and led to the development of our grid-scale flywheel system, which is now commercially deployed for the regulation of grid frequency in ISO-NE, NYISO, and PJM.

On March 7, 2012 Rockland Capital acquired the assets from Beacon Power Corporation and placed them in a new private company named Beacon Power, LLC. The assets include the 20 MW operating facility in Stephentown, NY.

Rockland Capital, a private equity firm founded in 2003, is focused on the acquisition, optimization and development of companies and projects in the North American power sector. The firm manages Rockland Power Partners and Rockland Capital Energy Investments and has offices in Houston and New York. For further information visit rocklandcapital.com.