Beacon Power is a pioneer and technology leader in the design, development, and commercial deployment of grid-scale flywheel energy storage. Beacon’s proprietary designs are at the heart of a cost-effective and durable energy storage device that enables grids to operate more reliably. Our proven flywheel energy storage systems are helping grid operators in NYISO, PJM and ISO-NE safely and efficiently balance power grid supply and demand.

Flywheel energy storage is based on accelerating a cylindrical rotor assembly that converts and stores electric energy as rotating kinetic energy. Flywheel systems recycle energy from the grid, absorbing excess power when directed and delivering it back to the grid when needed. Because they can respond to a number of different control signals, they can be used in a wide variety of applications, from smoothing cloud impacts at a solar PV project to providing frequency regulation, frequency response, reserves and reactive power. They can be installed at the transmission or distribution levels or even in remote connected or isolated grids.

The modular and distributed architecture of Beacon flywheel energy storage systems allows flexibility in power capacity as well as siting. A single flywheel module easily connects to others, allowing for incremental storage expansion. Our power control module can deliver a range of power ratings from each flywheel to provide the power and duration best suited to each application.

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Photography credit: Image used with permission of PJM Interconnection, LLC.