Data Sheets

Beacon Power 400 Data Sheetopen-doc
Beacon Power 450 XP Data Sheetopen-doc
Beacon Power SmartBox System Data Sheetopen-doc


Beacon Power Technology Brochureopen-doc


Editions TV videoThis video offers an overview of Beacon Power and flywheel energy storage, and features host Terry Bradshaw and an interview with Beacon Power President, Barry Brits.
Frequency Regulation Video video

This video explains how supply and demand fluctuations impact the electric power grid and how frequency regulation can be improved with the addition of flywheel energy storage.

Regulatory Documents

FERC Order 755 open-docIn , the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) passed a law that requires fair compensation for providers of frequency regulation in wholesale markets. Order 755 established the “pay-for-performance” model where faster ramping and more accurate resources, like flywheels, are paid more for the greater service they provide.
FERC Order 784 open-docIn , FERC passed a law that further opened ancillary service markets outside of organized wholesale markets to independent providers and requires public utility transmission providers to take into account the speed and accuracy of frequency regulation resources in the determination of frequency regulation requirements. The law also established accounting rules to track cost and revenue data of energy storage resources, which may function as generation, transmission, or distribution resources.

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