Modular Design

Beacon’s flywheel storage systems are modular, providing flexibility in power capacity, energy duration, and siting. Each module is a stand-alone unit, requiring just 480V AC power and communication connections to operate. A storage module consists of a flywheel, power control module, flywheel foundation, cooling system, and the necessary mounting and support connections.

Like building blocks, single flywheel modules fit together with others to build a flywheel energy storage system of any size from 100 kW to multi-MW power plants. The modular configuration minimizes site footprint and enables owners to place the exact amount of stabilizing resource in the exact location needed. The layout of the modules can be configured to maximize use of space. Depending on the specific site, more than 20 MW can be installed per acre. Each module in a flywheel energy storage system is designed to function on a fully independent basis which results in high plant availability and optimizes performance.

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