Flywheels are a high-power, limited-energy storage resource. Each Generation 4 flywheel stores 25 kWh of energy and has a 100 kW power range in our standard configuration, or 12.5 kWh of energy and a 150 kW power range in our high power configuration. Flywheels are completely modular and can be operated in parallel providing flexibility for applications of any size – for example 200 flywheels (at 100 kW each) operating in Stephentown, New York, in a 20 MW frequency regulation application.

An advantage of flywheels is that they respond nearly instantaneously and accurately in response to customer requirements. Their high cycle life gives flywheels a life cycle cost advantage in applications where energy is required to be injected and withdrawn many times during a project’s life. Beacon’s Gen 4 flywheels can fully charge and discharge more than 100,000 times over their lifetime – typically 10 times more than competing technologies.

The flexibility and reliability of flywheels can provide cost savings and energy efficiency in a variety of applications.